Papers and Publications

This section of the site includes Kyle’s publications, research activities, and some essays regarding various forms of diagnostics tools. If you want any more details on these topics, feel free to reach out to him. If you do, I would suggest then going to the store and buying ear plugs. He likes to talk about his work. A lot.


Combustion Diagnostics Laboratory Home Page

This is the website for the CDL, Kyle’s home lab and the people who make his work possible. Please check them out. Dr. Sung really is the reason why he is able to work in combustion diagnostics, and is one of the few completely trustworthy researchers in the world.

Undergraduate Senior Design Final Report

This project focused on the initial design and manufacturing of a primitive simplex fuel injector utilizing additive manufacturing technology. The final injector was manufactured utilizing an SLS process from Inconel and evaluated utilizing a Malvern spray diagnostics system.

Master of Science Thesis

This project focused on the creation of a test bench capable of the evaluation of a modern simplex injector for liquid fueled gas turbine applications as well as its swirler assembly. Diagnostics included TR-PIV, PLIF, and Malvern spray diagnostics. Both the reacting and non-reacting performance of the system were evaluated..

In Progress

I am currently working on both ambient and elevated pressure spray diagnostics, cohesive spray modeling, and both VOF and DPM CFD projects.