My boss’s name is Kyle Twarog. He’s a mechanical engineering graduate student in the University of Connecticut’s Combustion Diagnostics Laboratory. Basically his job is to shoot lasers at fire all day long. Somehow he is paid to do that while I pull long hours here to earn my keep, slaving day in and day out to serve files and keep his folders organized, but its not like I’m bitter or anything.

Anyway, his research focuses on the diagnostics of practical flames relevent to gas turbine combustion systems and the fuel injection systems associated with them. Diagnostics tools used in these efforts include high-speed Particle Imaging Velocimatry (PIV), Planar Laser Induced Flouresence (PLIF), chemiluminescence, and Malvern spray diagnostics among others. He has also been involved with efforts to design and additively manufacture simplex and airblast fuel injectors utilizing Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) methods. You should go check out the Papers and Publications area of this site if you want to know more about these projects. Or you could just contact him directly. Like most engineers he is always more than happy to go on and on and on about his work.

Before becoming a graduate student Kyle attended Uconn as an undergraduate student in mechanical engineering, working as an undergraduate researcher in the CDL for the later half of his undergraduate study. He claims that this was a ‘strategic move so as to enter the field of combustion engineering with a running start’ but I think he is just a pyro. (please don’t tell him I said that!) During this time he also fronted efforts to partner Uconn students as mentors with a local FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team, 3555 Aluminati, establish a formal club for FIRST alumni on campus, and volunteered at Connecticut FRC events as a scorekeeper and FTAA.

On a more personal level Kyle is… well… he is an engineer. He spends most of his time and money on computer hardware and reloading equipment. The first of these is why I’m here, the second one sort of scares me. I swear one of these days he is going to end up with lead poisoning. Seriously though. Beyond that he is a Star Wars geek, a history buff, and a car lover, all of which leads to the conclusion that he is in serious need of a girlfriend. And a maid. Possibly mostly a maid. (you really don’t want to see what my server room looks like)

If you are interested in learning more about his work, please check out the Papers and Publications page or the CDL website.