The Reloading Bench

Welcome to the Reloading Bench! Kyle spends a lot of his time down here, working on new loads for target, competition, and carry use. I am also fairly certain that the air down here is toxic and that he will eventually end up with lead poisoning. I also really wish he would go out and find a sports club or something rather than sitting here alone working with primers and powder so that he doesn’t eventually die sad and alone, but whatever. He doesn’t listen to me. Anyway, the tables here list his completed loads and some notes on their performance. Before reviewing the tables, please read the note he’s posted below.

A Note from Kyle

While I try to keep this site light and fun, in all seriousness DO NOT screw around with firearms, ammunition, or explosives in a larger sense. When I started reloading I thought I was too smart to listen to the advice of others, and made stupid mistakes. On one such occasion I permanently damaged my hearing, and I am surprised to this day that I did not suffer additional injury. DO NOT be cavalier with this hobby. DO NOT believe that you are ‘too smart’ or ‘too experienced’ to learn from others or to read the manuals published by established companies cover to cover. DO NOT take anyone’s data, including my own or that of published manuals, as being safe or correct.

You should know that there is a lot of bad data out there. People on internet forums and random websites (this on included) may or may not have any idea what they are talking about or what they are doing. Even so, they will present opinions and make various claims. This is not exclusive to the firearms community, nor is it exclusive to the internet. As an engineer and a scientist, I can tall you that academic papers should be read with a healthy dose of skepticism, industrial white papers should be treated as educational advertisements, and second-hand reference works should be regarded as hearsay. Even within the fields of fluid and combustion dynamics, many researchers ‘hide the skeletons’ of their work and some flatly fabricate their results. In the words of Dr. Brice Cassenti, a genuinely brilliant man and a legend in his own right, on how to read a paper: “I’ll first look at the title to see if I;m interested. After that I’ll look to see who wrote it and where they work, and decide if I believe that this paper says.”

What I am trying to say here is that the data in this site is for your reference, but should not be taken as being perfectly safe and correct for you to use. I try extremely hard to make this data as valuable and reliable as possible as I do not believe in presenting claims that I do not sand behind and truly believe, but I am human. I am imperfect. My equipment is commercial and inexpensive. It is imperfect. My experience is limited compared to others. (see TheFiringLine forums) My results are imperfect. As such, the onus is on you, the reloader, to understand this activity, its facets, your personal reloading process, your personal firearms, your personal range, your owns state and local laws (seriously, read the law), and your own use-case, and make the decision as to what data to use as a reference and how you should use that data to make your own ammunition.

The long and the short of it is simple: I use these loadings in my personal firearms, with exceptions being noted for each loading as needed, and have no reservations doing so. I personally stand behind these loadings as posted for each of the firearms utilized in testing. With that siad, I do not provide ammunition created utilizing these loadings to others. I do not sell ammunition created utilizing these loadings, nor do I provide it to friends. I do not pretend that these are completely safe loadings, and accept no responsibility for any damages caused by these loadings. It is your responsibility as a reloader and as a shooter to ensure that your own ammunition is safe in whatever firearm it is to be shot from. If you cannot ensure that your ammunition is safe, you should safety destroy it (as I have many times) and have no business pulling the trigger with it chambered nor encouraging anyone else to do so.

Thank you,

Kyle Twarog