UConn NX Seminar Series

Tutorial videos can be found here.

Seminar 1

Topics covered: Introduction to CAD, introduction to 2D sketches, introduction to 3D modeling

Presentation: Introduction to CAD

Seminar 2

Topics covered: Introductory manufacturing and mechanical design concerns, basics of reading a 2D drawing, additional practice with 2D sketching and 3D modeling

Presentation: Making a Part That Can Be Made

Sample Parts: Workshop2_Parts

Seminar 3

Topics covered: Additional practice with 2D/3D modeling, review of previous concepts, introduction to surfaces and applications of surfaces

Sample Parts: Workshop3_Parts

Seminar 4

Topics covered: Parametric modeling, introduction to assemblies, best practices of using assemblies

Presentation: Working With Assemblies

Sample Parts: Workshop4_Parts

Seminar 5

Topics covered: Basics of tolerances, 2D drafting practices, beginning of engine project

Seminar 6

Topics covered: Basics of managing a design project, Detailed description of components for the engine project

Presentation: Engine Project Primer

Monday Engine Powerpoint: MonPoint

Wednesday Engine Powerpoint: WedPoint

Seminar 7

Topics covered: Basics of 3D sketching using lines, splines, helixes, and law curves. Discussion of applications of 3D sketches vs 2D sketches.

Seminar 8

Topics covered: Introduction to rendering terminology, technology, and rendering features in NX. Demonstration of ray tracing in NX. Accessing the UConn Q drive was also demonstrated for the engine project.

Presentation: Rendering Basics and Some Random Stuff

Sample Parts: Workshop8_Parts

Seminar 9

Topics covered: Introduction to basic mechanical system, their form, and modeling them in CAD

Presentation: Introduction to Mechanical Components